Sunday, June 1, 2008


GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ® is an exercise modality that guides users to simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles and tendons while also articulating and mobilizing the joints. Corresponding breathing patterns are engaged during the performance of the exercises, thereby increasing coordination, endurance and aerobic activity.

Juliu Horvath discovered the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® principles that form the foundation for this novel approach to maintaining health and well-being after many years of study, as he not only tried and succeeded in repairing the bodily injuries that he sustained as a professional dancer using these new methodologies, but he also sought to create a system of exercises that anyone could perform, regardless of age or state of health.

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Cecilia said...

I have been working with Mark and the results that I have received to my body have been noticed, not only to myself but to the people who know me,including my doctor. With the spiraling movements of the gyrotonic system along with breath, I have changed the shape of my body to a more elongated stature and have regained the 3/4" in height that I had lost prior to gyrotonics. The movements are easily achieved without pain or sweat and the results to my core,and the mobility that my body has achieved is very rewarding. I can't imagine life with out it.